Monday, May 5, 2008

Jamiroquai video of the week 5/4-5/10

Hey world!...bringing you another funk filled Jamiroquai banger....this weeks funkfest is titled "Use the force". This song is a great mix between a funky lead guitar and Brazilian samba..starts of rocky then transitions into a samba rift that has me looking for a dance partner then back to funky rock. THE BREAK DOWN TO FADE PART FROM -2:18-0:00 IS MY FAVORITE...I love artist that can put two completely different styles of music into the same song....the neptunes do a great job of this as well. This is a live show from 2003....ENJOY!....STAY TUNED THIS WEEK FOR "LIFE CHICKEN NUGGETS", MY HIP HOP CLASSIC AND THIS WEEKS FEATURED POST...

JAMIROQUAI "Use The Force"

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Torey said...

... Jamiroquai is bomb.

That is all.