Monday, December 21, 2009


Just setting up my domain name for now.....Very soon there will be life changing content on this blog. Stay tooned

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello Readers, I am sorry......


Hello readers, first I want to apologize for not writing in a while...Life is busy and I haven't made a system to accommodate regular blogging...Mainly because my goal is to put good content that would be helpful for your everyday instead of giving you fluff I have be getting organized...I have some excellent videos and lessons to share so the content is growing.....Also I got a complaint about some of my entries being too long....well its true..when I write I let it flow...but I know that we all have busy lives and short attention I will shorten my writings..but they will still be powerful.....anyway stay tuned... subscribe for updates on the right side...and if you haven't read some of my previous entries I suggest you check them out.....God Bless

Much Love

Antonio M. Fisher II

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Homage to my greatest dance influence

Had to show you some love to the man who inspired me and millions of others to dance....this was my first teacher....I think Hammer was way a head of his time...I remember rappers used to hate on him because he got so big and had a lot of commercial a days even the thug rappers have Chevrolet much love to the innovator Mc Hammer here is the first hammer video I ever saw...."Turn this mutha Out" Enjoy!

Jamiroqaui Video of The Week 5/11/08-5/17/08

This weeks song is called "Do you know where you're coming from" its an old school Jamiroquai song that mixes some house/dance music and a groovy melody....enjoy....

Friday, May 9, 2008

Been a busy week so I am slow on writing

Hey World! Been super busy this week with business launch and late night cleaning so I will post the " life chicken nuggets" and "Weekly post" sometime this weekend!!!!

God Bless

Monday, May 5, 2008

Jamiroquai video of the week 5/4-5/10

Hey world!...bringing you another funk filled Jamiroquai banger....this weeks funkfest is titled "Use the force". This song is a great mix between a funky lead guitar and Brazilian samba..starts of rocky then transitions into a samba rift that has me looking for a dance partner then back to funky rock. THE BREAK DOWN TO FADE PART FROM -2:18-0:00 IS MY FAVORITE...I love artist that can put two completely different styles of music into the same song....the neptunes do a great job of this as well. This is a live show from 2003....ENJOY!....STAY TUNED THIS WEEK FOR "LIFE CHICKEN NUGGETS", MY HIP HOP CLASSIC AND THIS WEEKS FEATURED POST...

JAMIROQUAI "Use The Force"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life Chicken Nuggets for the week of 4/27-05/04

Shout out to Brittany, love you!

Watch this video before reading

"You will never become what you want to become unless you are becoming it now." -Myles Munroe

"So get off your butt and take ACTION now!
You will never get to letter Z if you don't first accomplish A,B and C" -My 2 cents worth

I knew I could never accomplish all the goals stated in my April 22 "Future travel plans and a blast from the past" blog entry if I didn't first make a concentrated effort to become and entrepreneur and get out of debt, which is what I am doing now... My eye is on the prize but I know that in order to get the prize, calling, goals or destiny I have to start doing something now and it won't be easy.

For example, Jesus had to go through hell, literally, to earn the prize he wanted, the joy of providing salvation for all men..Read this verse

So start becoming what you want to become.
ACT NOW!....don't get caught with "paralysis of analysis"

Some times..well most of the time, the path to what you want isn't easy, therefore discipline is required, so it would be good to know this......

Discipline is "...a process of scheduling the pain and pleasure of life in such a way as to enhance the pleasure by meeting and experiencing the pain first and getting it over with" -Scott Peck

"Without this willingness to experience pain for what we believe in, without this discipline, we will not see the vision accomplished" -Philip Baker

"Quit avoiding the hard stuff, attack it, conquer it and get closer to your goal..when its all said and done you will appreciate the end result more" -My 2 cents worth

Follow up video

Check out last weeks "Life Chicken Nuggets" if you missed it.

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