Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Future travel plans and a blast from the past

Shout out to Tim Mcgintizzle!
The reason why I started this blog was to write out my life experiences in all areas with a hope that what I go through and learn may help somebody else. However, my other main motivation is to record my upcoming world wide adventures. My site eventually will be cross between these three links, vagabonding.com ,this clip from "Finger of God",a doc from a skeptical christian who traveled the world to see if God was really doing miracles signs and wonders, and lastly, this clip from an expeditionary trip in Africa by Overland Missions. All with my own special touch as described in my first blog entry.If you know me you know there will be plenty of dance footage.
Matter of fact, lets have one now:
This may not be hip hop dancing which is my first love, but I plan on mastering many different styles:

I already have my budget set for my professional camcorder ($1000-$3000) and a MacBook Pro($1999+), recommended by everybody as the best laptop for media and audio editing. Also I will need to get Final Cut Studio, a video editing software made just for Macs. Finally, sometime in the next 6-8 months I will go to the Travel Channel Academy. At this academy I will learn how to film my travels, edit them and do the commentary so I can produce quality material that can be put not only online but also on TV. I happen to know what God has in store for me so this should be some very interesting video.....Wow I just realized how much this is going to cost...oh well that's the price you pay to do what you feel called to do. ( Thank God our new business will cover the cost).

Anyway,..It has been over 5 years since I last got on a plane and headed to a foreign country for an exciting journey..so you can say I am well over due... Seeing the whole world in a vagabondish non touristy way has been in my heart for a while. I guess I just finally got to the point to where I starting taking the steps necessary to make it happen...One thing I have learned is that you have to live life on purpose..if you don't you will look up and 4 years will have passed and you haven't done anything but gone to work and pay bills. Find your purpose and then make everything else in your life work to benefit that purpose.

I must take a few lines and mention my main motivations to pursue my dreams.

1. God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit....thanks for putting it in me! Also thanks for being so patient for me I know it took me a while to get off my butt and put action to the vision.

2. Robert T. Kiyosaki,real estate investor, speaker and author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Thanks for completely changing my mind about money, the rat race and entrepreneurship.

3. Timothy Ferris, entrepreneur, vagabond, world record holder in tango and author of "The 4 Hour Work Week". This book took everything I had thought, felt and hoped for could be true in my life besides spiritual matters and put it into one book. "No more W4W, that is work for works sake" Check out his website and blog.

4.Dr. Lance Wallnau, pastor,author, life coach and business consultant. Thank you for confirming what God had put in my heart. Taking Jesus to the world through the gifts and talents given to me that don't have to stay behind the 4 walls of a church. There are some you tube videos featuring Dr. Lance Wallnau on my April 20th entry. You can visit his website for more information or click here to see some full length video teachings.
5. Much much love to my business partner! None of this would be possible without God connecting our visions....thanks for your support and belief in me.


In the meantime I will give you some videos and pictures from my 2003 trip to India....after this trip I knew that my life would not be fulfilling if I didn't get to travel. This particular trip was a mission. My future travels will be similar but more on a vagabond/expeditionary style.
( I just realized that I will probably need to learn some more languages...Where is the time?..well, it is coming soon...want to know how get "The 4 Hour Work Week".)

The camera was a 3 mega pixel from 2003 so the video wont be that great and audio may be fuzzy.....

Walking and children

Walking through a beautiful Indian village

My first over seas sermon, I was nervous but it changed my life

I would love to know your thoughts or opinions on what I write so please leave a comment.


Anna, your sister said...

First of all... thanks for writing this comment! I do need to get off my butt or else I will look up and 4 years will have gone by like you have said. In a way, since I have moved to Sac (almost 8 years ago) I have wasted this time because I haven't done anything in ministry. Also, how did you add the videos to YouTube? I don't even know how to do that!!!

Welcome said...


Torey said...

Learn Japanese! Stuff's hot, son!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to definitely be out in the mission field...you have a gift to be out in the world spreading the gospel. You have a passion for Christ and His word. We need more soldiers out there for this mission. I will continue to pray for you. God will use you beyond your greatest thought and imagination to bless others with Gods love and His word.