Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Biggest Spiritual Challenge

My biggest spiritual challenge... well it all really comes down to trusting God vs. the pride of life...its funny that was the original sin...Satan deceived Eve into thinking that God wouldn't keep his word and she would be better stepping out on her own...well we see where that got us.......So I cant be mad at them seeing that thousands of years later here I am struggling with the same thing...So what is my dilemma? All things that are in my heart to do....from ministry..super navy seal Indiana Jones big business deals for my family and the dancing and seeing the world.....all things I have had a desire to do for many many years and I believe God has placed all those desires in my heart.......the fear I have is if i truly surrender all my life to God(cuz lets face it many of us do not surrender it ALL so I am not fearful in admitting I struggle with that issue) that some how those desires will not come to past......or at least not in the way I think they should............I honestly think most of my worry is grounded in church experience....I love the Church and I love going to church...I just feel what I will do will be more than Sunday and home groups during the I fear the limitations of man..........but it all boils down to this.........Jesus said if you want your life you will lose it.......and He gave me the desires in the first I just have go with Ill keep you updated..........

Well here are two dance clips from "Step it up 2" and "Stomp the yard", this is why I love dancing:

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