Friday, April 25, 2008

A new look at church and the Christian life by reclaiming the 7 mountians of society!


I have always had a passion to take the love of God outside of our Sunday meetings and charitable evangelistic events. I feel that Jesus is so real that he should mainly flow out of us every area of our life and be part of our everyday reality.
Religion and religious activities will never change a person..A life changing encounter with the person of Christ through you is what changes people. After leaving bible college the usual questions I was asked was if I was going to be a youth pastor or go straight to the mission field. Although I had a strong desire to do ministry I also had a strong desire to do other things. At first I thought this was a conflict between the Spirit and my flesh. I figured I must die to those other desires and pursue full time ministry. But over time I have realized that any burning desire you have in your heart to accomplish something during this life is usually given to you by God. For example, the title of my blog page, "My life- Jesus, travel, dance,buisness and hip hop" is a reflection of all the specfic things I have had a burning passion for and God has shown me that they are part of his plan for my life. Likewise, you may have a desire to sing but that doesnt mean you are called to sing christian music to christians. God may have you write songs that touch people at a night clubs. We must expand our mindset. Of course, there are people who are called and have a great passion to go into full time ministry....but I have some news for you, statistics show that only 1-2% of the body of Christ is in full time ministry. SO WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US? That is the question.

Over the last 2000 years one of the biggest mistakes Christians have made is to be reclusive and hide out in their Sunday and weekly meeting bubble of life. While at the same time leaving the rest of world in the hands of satan and the people he uses to create more evil, perversion and destruction. We have lived as if are only thing to do after salvation was to wait for death and see those pearly gates. Also we have sat back waiting for Jesus to come when he clearly said that when the message of the kingdom was preached to the whole world then the end will come. News flash..40% of the world's population still have never even heard of Jesus. We have work to do. Jesus told us to occupy until he gets back...that term occupy in the Greek means to occupy in the same way a military would. We are called ambassadors of Christ..what does an ambassador do?....He goes to a foreign country and represents his home country's will and agenda. His word is as if the leader of the home country was saying it...delegated authority...That's what we are ...Our home is heaven, or the Kingdom of Heaven(which is in us) and we are here on earth to be a broker of heavens will on earth.....That takes us way beyond Sunday means we get involved in every area of society and let God use us as a vessel to manifest his kingdom and will in any and every earthly place and circumstance....We are to take the 7 mountains of society(Which will be described in the videos below).
What ever is burning in your heart to do is from God..connect with heaven and the Holy Spirit..maximize your talent and skills and serve your gifting to the world... If it's something within church or if it's any field that falls under the 7 mountains of society, no matter which one dedicate your motive to God.

It is very important to understand that in no way am I down playing the need or the command (Hebrews 10:25) to be at a local church and being connected with leaders and fellow brothers and sisters. I don't know what I would do without my Friday morning men's group. I am just trying to shed light on what has been missing in the lives of most Christians. The vision, equipping and encouragement to go into the world with their unique character traits and giftings as a vessel to which God can use to bring kingdom reality to every sphere of society.

Here are some links with helpful information on this subject to check out after you watch the videos:

"God out of the box" by Chuck Ripka this book rocked my world. It completely changed my mindset on how God can use me anywhere and in any situation in ways that bring blessings to others and to my self. A must read.

Lance Wallnau is a great speaker and one of the leading ministers proclaiming the message of the 7 mountains. Visit his website and watch some full length teachings.

Here is a great article about city reformation and reclaiming the 7 mountains,
click here.

The Reclaiming the 7 Mountains website

Below I have three 5 min video clips from some of the key speakers on this type of thinking.....check it out and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Overview of the 7 mountains

Lance Wallnau speaking about the christian duty

Lance Wallnau 7 mountain strategy

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