Monday, April 21, 2008

"You are the perfect verse over a tight beat" Dre in "Brown Sugar"

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Brown Sugar"...if you haven't seen it go pick it up today..I know its like 5 years old but I recently watched it again and it sparked some thoughts so I decided to share them...."Brown Sugar" is a story about love and hip hop...the two main characters are childhood friends that became enamored with hip hop in the 80's. As adults they both end up working in the industry, one as an A&R for a major label and the other as an editor for one of the largest hip hop magazines. The movie chronicles the love they have for hip hop and the love they have for each other...

This is why I love this movie:
1.I love good love stories.(Also check out "the Notebook")I know how special it is to find that friend who knows you in and out,bad and good and loves you unconditionally, ride or die ya feel me.
(Watch this scene from 0.00 to the 4:05min mark. This is a down friend,shout out to Sydney. Click Here .

2.I also love how they portrayed hip hop, they showed the positive side and how you can be grown and love hip hop at the same time...

3.I also love the fact that the main characters were two African Americans who were successful in their late 20s but still avid hip hop followers instead of the stereotype troubled black youth story.

The quote from the title of this blog, "You are the perfect verse over a tight beat" struck a chord with me .......In the movie Dre says this in admiration of his best friend Sydney and if you love hip hop that quote hits you right in the heart...think about all those songs that have stayed with you through the know all the soon as you hear the beat nostalgia over takes you and you get into the groove....those classics that make you immediately hit the dance floor bustin 15 year old dance moves not caring who is looking.....So if you are a fan of hip hop and love that quote should do it for you....Shout out to Sydney! Watch the scene. It is between the 7:40 and 8:35 min marks. The video and audio dont match but you will still get it. Click here.

Below I have a clip from the opening of the movie as well as the music video from one of the soundtrack songs. Enjoy!

When did you fall in love with hip hop?

Erykah Badu "Love of my life"

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Anna Gutierrez said...


I'm not going to watch the You Tube videos until I watch the entire movie. I gotta get it from you.

Dominique said...

so that's one of my favorite all-time movies. My quote would be from the end when he ran into the radio station, "I don't wanna be your friend no more" love it. I think love scenes and songs touch us cause either they remind us of something we've been through or want to. I've been there and often want to go back.