Sunday, April 20, 2008

Staying with God and people in times of weakness/ Todays videos are about destiny

For a lot of people, my self included, when times of adversity or weakness come upon our lives we actually choose to hide or run from God. Why do we do this...well I guess there are many reasons..sin, guilt, shame etc etc etc. I think the foundational issues is our incorrect thinking about the love and grace of God and most importantly the finished work on the cross by Jesus Christ. The bible makes it clear that what Jesus accomplished was a completed work. His blood makes us clean and allows us to enter the holy of holies. The sad thing is we often think we can do things better our self...........let me tell you something, Gods original plan was to have intimate relationship with humans, we lost it and Jesus brought it back. He knows we suck without him...I think we insult the work of the cross and the resurrection to think our short comings are so strong that it disqualifies little ole us for the benefits that Jesus released for us......I can say this without having to look at anyone else. I, of course have gone through this cycle many times in my christian walk........However, in this current season of my life I have determined that no matter what state I am in I must do two things at all times:

1. I must be honest with my self and others about my current state of lying or pat religious answers to questions such as " how are you" " Whats new in your life"(Granted, their is wisdom in not just blabber mouthing all your business to everybody..also you don't want to throw up all your issues on to someone else making their day miserable. There are ways to be honest without doing the above, always have a person or a few people you can be completely honest with, sometimes hard to find so pray and ask Father to bring you somebody else..even though God wants us to have a close relationship with him he made us a body and we need each other). OK that was a long parenthesise writing I know

2. Be honest with God, he knows it all anyways, and stay in fellowship with him even during a weak season..the blood has given you that to him like a loving father who wants to help you in your weak area...the bible states that Jesus knows the issues we go through so go to him and stay with him.

Some examples in the bible: David, man after Gods own heart.. did some evil things...and although he had to deal the consequences of some of his actions he is still remembered in the new testament as a man after gods own heart a doer of his will...why..he was quick to repent and stay with God even in his times of iniquity. I mean he even committed adultery and killed the women's husband...he had to pay for this but he still stayed with God...and that is old testament before the cross.

Also look at the disciples while they were with Jesus they were unbelieving and selfish yet they were in ministry training the whole time...

Paul states that in his weakness he gets to see the strength of God.

I wrote all this because I am currently going through a situation. I am refusing to quit on God or body fellowship because of shame or others opinions.....I need to be with my father more now than any other time..what good will it do me to run away from him. I know the choice I am making will have its consequences attached to it that I will have to deal with...but that doesn't give me the right to stop pursing God. I almost got caught up in that mindset.... I recently had to miss a few weeks of church due to business trips but I must admit I wasn't in a rush to go back because I felt like a hypocrite and didn't want to be bothered by people.....I knew this was wrong so with counsel from my business partner I jumped back fears were false and from hell.....All though my brothers in the lord don't want me to make this decision they love and support me through it. I met with my pastor and he told me to stay connected fellowship, run after God come to prayer etc. etct...I told him I felt like a hypocrite and he assured me I wasn't..because I wasn't acting or lying about any thing...I was being honest about my current position and I was aware of my that is not hypocritical...what I know is that everybody has things in there lives they have not given to God, the difference is that mine is public...this doesn't make a bad choice right but it allows me to be free from the worry or the fear o man........

The irony of this situation is that people are probably mad at me for still wanting to pray, read my bible and pursue God and his calling on my life while in this situation...It seems as if people want me to back slide and come to the church all doopy and full of shame........not going to happen........

I do understand that right now I should not be in a place of authority over people or an official ministry position while I am in this season and that is ok for me....matter of fact that is one thing I have tried to always have in my life, not to cover up my sins or failures by ministry and giftings....this is a great time for God to develop more character and I can develop my giftings in private and in the highways and byways so that when the season comes where God puts me in front of his people I will be prepared.....ok that's it for this entry, long I know but I needed to get this off my the way...if your wondering what I am talking about......I am getting a divorce.

Each entry I will try to have a video from something this has helped my life by confirming the things God has put in my heart to do..I share them because I know I am not the only one and I hope I can give something to someone that will move them closer to their destiny. I have three videos today:

Lance Wallnau Discussing the 7 Mountains

Lance Wallnau Discussing the 7 Mountains contin...

Doug Addison discussing the importance of finding and pursing your destiny

I would love to know your thoughts or opinions on what I write so please leave a comment.

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Anna Gutierrez said...

What really caught my attention in this whole blog entry was when you wrote "It seems as if people want me to back slide and come to the church all doopy and full of shame........not going to happen........" because of your situation. Let us remember the Sunday School song that says, "The Joy of the Lord is my strength". Why should you be down and depressed? You have Jesus!!! Jesus wouldn't want you to be like that anyway. Keep on keepin' on!